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Sweep Power

Sweep Power

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Active Ingredient

13.5% W/W SL glufosinate ammonium 


  • This herbicide is used only for destroying grass and leaf weeds at garden and agriculture sector.
  • It contains GLUFONISATE AMMONIUM OF 13.5% one of the best technical to evade grass and leaf weeds.
  • It should be applied only on plain lands weed / grass, should not apply on crops or plants. If you apply / spray on plants or crops means they will die within 7-10 days
  • The weed / grass will die after 7-10 days of the application.
  • Dosage 100ml per 10-12 Litre water. It kills Cynodon dactylon ,Cyperus rotundus ,Dactyloteneum aegyptium, Digitaria marginata ,Echinchloa sp, Ageratum conyzaides ,Commelina benghalensis ,Eleusine indica ,Imperata cylindrica ,Panicum repens ,Paspalum conjugatum.

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