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Librel® Zn

Librel® Zn

670.00  450.00 

Composition- 12% Zn EDTA (Min)


Zinc ethylenediamine tetra acetate disodium salt, (ZnEDTA Na2)


Librel Zn should be dissolved in a convenient volume of water to suit the spraying machine being used and the target crop leaf area. The following points should be observed.
1. The sprayer should be fitted with nozzles that produce a fine mist.
2. Only sufficient spray solution should be applied to coat the leaves and stems 
with a film of moisture with little or no “run off”.
3. Spraying should be carried out on a calm day but not during strong 
sunshine or high temperatures. The best time is late afternoon or evening.
4. If rain is imminent, spraying should be postponed. If rain falls within 4 hours of 
spraying, the crop should be re-sprayed 3 or 4 days late

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