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    Composition- Propargite 57% EC

    • Omite is a true miticide (Acaricide) of sulfite ester group, which gives effective control of mites through its contact and fumigant action.
    • Omite is registered in 72 countries for the control of 36 species of mites.
    • Omite is also effective against those mites which gained resistance against other miticides.
    • Omite gives immediate protection to crops, because feeding activity of mites ceases immediately after its application.
    • Omite is suitable for Integrated Pest Management.
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  • Sempra


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    SEMPRA, being a sulfonylurea group herbicide, inhibits acetolactate synthase (ALS), which is the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway of the essential branched chain amino acide (Valine, Leucine & isoleucine). Inhibition of ALS leads to the starvation of the plant (Cyperus rotundus) for these amino acids, resulting in death (killing) of weeds. For crop plants, in the grass family like maize sugarcane, etc. there is no effect of Sempra as these plant have strong MFO (mixed function oxidases which breaks down the herbicide molecule to acid metabolite forms.

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    Targa Super


    Composition- Quizolofop ethyl 5% EC

    • Targa Super is selective, systemic herbicide of Aryloxyphenoxy-propionates group.
    • Targa Super is used to control narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops.
    • Targa Super effectively controls the narrow leaf weeds like Echinochloa spp., Goose grass, fox tail, Cynodon (doob), Large crab grass, Saccharum sp. (kans), Hemarthria sp. (suttu), Wild sorghum, Volunteer paddy, Volunteer maize, Volunteer pearl millet, etc.
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