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Boron (B) Deficiency

Boron (B) Deficiency
April 5, 2019 kissan sajan
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The main functions of boron relate to cell wall strength and development, cell division, fruit and seed development, sugar transport, and hormone development. Some functions of boron interrelate with those of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium in plants. Balanced nutrition is essential for optimum crop growth.

Boron deficiency is a common deficiency of the micronutrient boron in plants. It is the most widespread micronutrient deficiency around the world and causes large losses in crop production and crop quality.

Symptoms of Boron deficiency in plants :-

Boron deficiency symptoms become clearly visible when it is acute. At this point growth and yield may be severely limited. The branches and new growth are distorted, thick, and brittle; also the upper foliage can exhibit a mottled chlorosis (i.e. scattered yellowing of leaves).


Recommendations: – Foliar spray of Boron i.e Boron 20% (min.) with recommended dose of 100 – 200 gm per acre should be done for immediate relief to prevent crop loss.

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