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KissanHut, a family-owned agricultural business in Punjab, India, markets and sells inputs that improve agricultural productivity for greater customer returns. Our portfolio offering includes broad range of Crop Protection products, Plant Nutrition and application services, Seed and Seed Treatment. By leveraging our 40 years of experience in the farming industry and unparalleled relationship with suppliers, we provide our customers with the quality products at their doortstep. KissanHut has partnered with leading Indian and Multi-National Agricultural brands comprising of Adama, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences , BASF , Dupont fmc, Fmc, Indofil, Monsanto, Pi, sygenta, Upl
Our mission is to empower farmers by helping them make informed decisions on Agri product purchases, growing productivity and profitability leading towards success. We strive to listen to your production problems, and through our product knowledge, recommend a solution that is tailored to your needs. Our expert specialist team are committed to help you by catering farming solutions.

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