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The Green Revolution of 1965 undoubtedly brought India the economic prosperity it needed at the time. However, rampant use of insecticides, pesticides and other unsustainable practices has caught up on us, in form of nutrient deficiencies, diseases and falling health of both the human and our once fertile soil. Organic farming is the solution and need of the hour. We make it easier for you to start on this organic journey. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or home gardener, we got you covered.

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KissanHut is a family-owned agricultural business in Punjab, India. We have been taking care of agricultural needs of our community since 1990. We are proud to offer our services online now. Our goal is to provide you with products that improve your crop productivity and get you better returns for your hard work. We offer you a broad range of Crop Protection products, Seeds, Seed treatment products, Plant Nutrition products and application suggestions. By leveraging our 40 years of experience in the farming industry and unparalleled relationship with suppliers, we provide our customers with the quality products at their doortstep.
KissanHut has partnered with leading Indian and Multi-National Agricultural brands such as Adama , Bayer, Dow AgroSciences , BASF , Fmc, Indofil, Monsanto, Pi, Syngenta, Dhanuka, Shriram, Yara, Tstanes and Upl to bring you a greater variety to choose from in the comfort of your home, with a single click.

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